Naxos has a great variety of different landscapes offering stunning vistas. Nowhere else in the Cyclades could you find lofty mountains, fertile valleys, plateaus, springs, rivers, caves and endless beaches. Naxos is the well-kept secret of Cyclades with charming hotels and numerous restaurants serving local cuisine.

Each visit in Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades complex, is a challenge. All archaeological sites and monuments show the course throughout history and are of course extremely interesting. Naxos is a destination that covers all tastes and “wallets”. There you can find various hotels, room, apartments, taverns, restaurants, sightseeing and beaches.

One of the most common sports is windsurfing, as Naxos is a windy place, with the summer wind called “meltemi” reaching up to 5 Beauforts during the day. In this beautiful island you can find many beaches for all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced, experts) and all categories (slalom/speed, wave, freestyle, free ride). The beaches of Amiti, Ai Giorgis and Agiaso are ideal for wave sports. At the lagoon of Ai Giorgi you should try out slalom windsurfing and freestyle.

In Naxos, you can find agricultural product and products from local farmers. The citrus liqueur of Naxos is widely known for its unique taste. Also, Naxos is known for the cheese production, such as the graviera. Because of the fertile land of Naxos there are many local products you can try like olives, olive oil, wine, fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of kinds of cheese, honey, meat and the famous local potatoes..